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STX Surgeon 700

  • Channel Lock - New stringing system provides advanced control of the pocket shape
  • EnduraForm - A new, proprietary formulation for improved toughness in a wider array of temperatures
  • Improved scoop design enhances ground ball pickup in tight quarters
  • Built-in handle support reduces head rattle and moves your top hand closer to the ball
  • High pinch creates a channel for a more accurate release
  • Meets all 2018 high school and college specifications

Brand NEW!
Cascade Youth S Lacrosse Helmets..
ow Available with free shipping..

Custom Mesh Pockets in Girl's Sticks!

Over 400 heads already strung for college and high school coaches and players!

You can count on our experience.

There's several ways to do it..  we'll keep you legal!
Call us and we'll string a custom pocket that fits your playing style.

email us with questions..
Better feel, more control, more accurate..
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Crux 600.. order Now!

The Newest member of the Crux Family.. thinner sidwall, stiffer "Speed" scoop
Plus we'll string your custom pocket at no extra charge!!

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Metro Sport Brokers
9 1/2  West Main St
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We're located on the backside of Main St. in the Villlage of Webster.