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Choosing the correct stick..
There are several criteria to consider when choosing a lacrosse stick.  The follow will attempt to discuss them...
First be assurred that while the differences in lacrosse stick head design can make a difference in play, these differences depend greatly on the level and strength of the player. First some basic physics. During the throwing or shooting motion, the ball starts to moving up the pocket and as it continues it begins to meet "resistance" from the pocket and shooting string and starts to slow down. In addition, as you continue through this , we'll call it shooting motion, the head of your stick picks up velocity, starting at zero and increasing as you get farther and farther into your motion. So with this in mind, if you look at a head from the side and look at the back shape where the pocket is attached you will see that some heads are designed to hold the ball longer in the pocket, making it release later and, remember your head gains speed as it continues through the motion, so these heads will give you more velocity. Conversely, other heads are designed  with a shorter pocket thus releasing the ball more quickly.  If you're a crease attackman and shoot relatively close to the goalie then velocity is not an issue but quickness is where as a middie is looking for velocity and accuracy so "holding" the ball in his head longer will help. While this applies both to boy's and girl's sticks, boy's have a little more flexibility in release point than girl's do because pockets rules are not as restrictive.
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