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Chest and Heart Protection
Many are concerned and have questions about added or sufficient chest protection for their child. While every parent wants to protect their child for injury it is important to keep in mind a few thoughts.  Players should wear "age appropriate" shoulder pads or goalie chest protection that fits properly.  Often a parent will choose to purchase an adult set of pads for a younger child, and while it may offer increased protection, the large size does not place the padding in the proper spot, therefore not giving the intended protection.

Additional padding ( underpads ) like Shock Doctor's Velocity Padded shirts, give additional protection to specific areas but please note that these pads are meant as ADDITIONAL pads and are not meant to be worn as pads by themselves.

Also keep in mind that the best thing you can do to protect you child is have pads that are in good condition, (often player wear pads that have been handed down from older siblings, that are several years old and depending on the type of padding they may not offer the amount of protection originally intended, much like a bike helmet whose protection in decreased with every impact ), make sure their pads  fit properly and make sure they actually wear them!  High school players are notorious for cutting out sections of the pads to make them lighter and " more comfortable ".

View some suggestions for additional padding..
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