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Adjusting your shooting string
 These concepts apply to both boy's and girl's sticks but will have more effect on a boy's stick because of their deeper pockets.

Generally pockets have two or three shooting string. ( Gir'ls are limited to two by rule).
The ball will release from the pocket depending on how loose or tight the shooting are tied. The strings actually effect the tension of the pocket and in return effect how and when the ball is released.The string at the top of your stick should be the tightest and each string below it should become more and more loose as you go towards the throat of your head.

If your stick shoots down ( has a wip ) then your should loosen the lowest shooting.. the other strings should get progressively tighter as you go up the stick. The top string should always be the tighest to prevent the ball from "lipping out" on the plastic at the top. By contrast if the ball seems to fly out of the top of your stick and shoots too high then your shooters are too loose and need to be tightened. Be patient and tighten or loosen your strings a little at a time until you get the results you feel good about. The more "lip" you have, the longer the ball will hold in the stick, release later in your throwing motion and so will release with more velocity.
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